Fausse Rolex Pepsi Circle Gmt Master II-126710 Blro Watch

The appearance design is exciting; sometimes, we have to seek new changes to attract modern eyes; Sometimes, it doesn’t take much to change, but it does. In particular, the fausse Rolex GMT Master II-126710 BLRO’s Pepsi Circle, from 1955, is still going strong, and it’s probably the most eye-catching watch of the year.

Many people should have noticed that this year, the watch industry has more than a lot of new products with two-time functions, most of the time with the central second-time zone pointer with 24 hours of the way to present. Rolex released three GMT Master II models, plus the Black Bay GMT Pepsi Circle, which helped keep the spotlight on them. Are red and blue circles so attractive? Not necessarily. At least not on other brands. Yes, fausse Rolex has a considerable fan base for everything it does, not to mention the « classic » Pepsi circle, not to mention an ancient « Grandpa’s watch ». If you do line up to get one, show it off.

Of course, the GMT Master II isn’t just for show. Seriously, it has a lot to offer. It was not easy to make red ceramic but also to burn half-red and half-blue ceramic rings (the red half rings are soaked in a unique compound solution and sintered at 1,600 degrees Celsius to turn blue); The Cerachrom « Pepsi » circle is truly remarkable from a technical point of view, with Rolex plating the number and scale with a layer of platinum 1 micron thick.

Fausse Rolex installed this year’s GMT Master II with the new 3285 movement, which, numerically, has 22 hours more power than its predecessor’s 3186 movements. Just as the 3235 cut its wind-up box wall in half to accommodate a longer spring, the more efficient Chronergy escapement system increased the 3135’s power from 48 to 70 hours. But Parachrom, Chronergy, and Paraflex are all established patents. The jumping date and the hour are not new, but the changes on the outside are more refreshing.

Focus on the chain. Some people think that the commonly known « five bead belt » five chains joint commemorative watchband is « old style »; in fact, it is right; after all, this design has been experienced for some time. But if, from the young people’s eyes, five beads with a needle of old? Maybe this is the « new design » different from the recent straps! In terms of practicality, the five-bead belt is very soft, has a high bending degree, and is the best fausse Rolex stick chain belt; it is more comfortable to wear. And unlike the new ones, the last five straps were paired with a foldable safety buckle that tied them to a red and blue circle. No wonder fans have been rushing to order them since the Basel show in March.

Range:GMT Master II
Model:116719 BLRO
Case_size:41 MM
Case_material:Or Blanc
Bracelet_material:Or Blanc
Dial_type:Le Noir Baton
Water_resistance:Water Resistant
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